Welcome to the Restored & Revived Community

Restored and Revived is a community-based nonprofit (WA 501c3) based in Vancouver, WA. Our passion is to provide services to families who have been held captive in chains of addiction and incarceration.

R&R Vancouver exists with the intention to help break those chains by providing practical resources to restore and revive each person and give them back to their families and communities.



We are so excited to be here for you and your family! Our mission is to break the chains of addiction by providing mentorship to addicts who are incarcerated and creative support for their children and families. 


If you have a friend who is in recovery, battling addiction, has been to an institution or are a caretaker for a child who is effected by these things, please follow us and invite others to like our page too!


Our Vision

We are ready to roll up our sleeves and get working. Our vision is IN reach to help others navigate through barriers caused by addiction and institutions. We are people who have been three, done that, and want to support others in finding their way through evidence-based coaching and partnerships.

We want to reach as many families as possible who have been affected by addiction through love, hope, and with resources to set them up for success.


Jahnea Lecouris
Founder & Executive Director

When God gave me a vision for R&R, the first section was caring for children of prisoners. My husband, Mychal and I, have been doing that for almost a decade now. The second was providing services to men and women before, during and after their incarcerated time. This vision was so big, it scared me. Being a felon myself i wondered how in the world was I going to make this happen! BUT GOD...

I am humbled by God's grace and provision. There is no way I could be serving the recovery community without His vision and provision. I am beyond grateful for the many people who have shared in this vision, including R&R board members and other volunteers, who are on this journey with me.  We welcome you to join us! We would love to have you share with us your time, talents or treasures to advance His Kingdom.

"He brought them out of the darkness, the utter darkness,

and broke away their chains."  - Psalm 107:14

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