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Restored & Revived

Restored and Revived is a peer-led, family-centered organization committed to serving and finding solutions for those affected by substance use disorder or have been justice-impacted.

Established in 2018 as a community-based nonprofit (WA 501c3) based in Vancouver, WA. We exist with the intention to help break those chains by providing practical resources to restore and revive each person and give them back to their families and communities.

R&R Founders 

Power Team

Mychal & Jahnea Lecouris know first hand the struggles of addiction and incarceration. Both bring a lived experience and are in long term recovery. Together they have 13 years serving Clark County by mentoring others on how to overcome the struggles of being an addict, a felon and felling hopeless. Today, they pour their hears and souls into helping others' become successful members of society and rebuilding their lives into more than what they could have ever imagined. Their motto is "Restore yourself, and Revive your life". 


Unlock Hope and Inspiration

We're excited to invite you to our upcoming fundraisers that promise an extraordinary blend of fun, purpose, and community involvement


Building Our Galaxy

Together, let's create a constellation of hope and possibilities. Your donation, no matter the size, will play a pivotal role in illuminating the future for our community.

Our Services

We believe in Hope and Restoration for all people no matter race, how you identify, or criminal offense.

Case Management

Family Reunification

Skills Training

Want to share your time and talents?

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