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Empowering Change

 Rebuilding Lives

Restored and Revived is a peer-led, family-centered organization committed to serving and finding solutions for those affected by substance use disorder or have been justice-impacted.


End the Cycle

At Restored and Revived, we believe everyone deserves a second chance. We see beyond addiction and incarceration, focusing on the potential within each individual.

That's why we provide practical resources and support to help people:

  • Break free from addiction: Our programs empower individuals to overcome addiction and reclaim control of their lives.

  • Leave incarceration behind: We offer guidance and support to reintegrate smoothly back into society.

  • Find stable housing: We understand the importance of a safe and secure place to heal. Our programs connect individuals with housing resources and support systems.

Ultimately, our goal is to reunite families and empower individuals to become contributing members of their communities. By breaking the cycle of addiction, incarceration, and family re-unification, we create a brighter future for all residents in Clark County.


Our service ethos is rooted in holistic support, encompassing case management, family reunification, and skills training. We recognize that individuals grappling with substance use disorder or justice system involvement often face multifaceted challenges that extend beyond the individual to impact their families and communities. Our dedicated case management team works closely with each individual, providing personalized assistance to address their unique needs and circumstances. From family reunification, navigating legal, finding employment opportunities, our case managers serve as advocates, guiding individuals towards a path of stability and recovery.

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Join Us in Making an Impact

Every dollar you donate represents a lifeline for someone in crisis, offering hope where there was despair and empowerment where there was helplessness. Your generosity has the power to transform lives, restore families, and revitalize communities.

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