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In 2020 Living Hope Church in Vancouver expands shower service amid COVID-19

With the Vancouver Navigation Center open limited hours and many public places closed, resources for people who are unhoused are opening or expanding around the city.

Showers, hand washing stations and a parking lot encampment are among the offerings meant to help prevent the spread of coronavirus among the homeless population.

Living Hope Church has long hosted a shower trailer on Wednesdays and Sundays but decided to expand to Monday and Friday when the virus came into play, said Pastor Brian Norris.

“We started realizing there was more of a need,” Norris said.

The Navigation Center doesn’t currently offer showers. Also, Norris said, homeless people who have gym memberships can no longer access those facilities to shower.

Each day Living Hope’s Live Love Center is open, it provides a meal, restrooms and showers using a trailer from Food with Friends. The showers are particularly important due to the COVID-19 pandemic putting an emphasis on personal hygiene and cleanliness. The showers are bleached between each use. Follow the Article here >>>

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